A place of joy
where individuals, families and businesses can thrive

Rondo was once a vibrant Black middle-class neighborhood. A place that thrived with growing families, successful businesses and harmonious energy. It was a place that welcomed 80% of the Twin Cities’ Black population.

It was a place of joy.

But the joy diminished after the construction of I-94 splintered the community in pieces. Since then, apologies by our business and government leaders have been made and plans are in the works to restore Rondo. But we must be vigilant in our efforts to protect what was and promote what can be. To bring the promise and joy back to this neighborhood jewel.

That's why Rondo Roundtable was formed

The plan behind the purpose

1. Establish Team

1 Establish Team

Onboard staff and expertise to fill organization gaps and provide strategic lift to processes.

2. Activate master planning

2 Activate master planning

Activate master planning process & finance vehicle. Reach funding goals for phase 0 in 12-24 months

3. Increase awareness

3 Increase awareness

Increase neighborhood residents' awareness proximate to the land bridge in twelve months

4. Confirm partnerships

4 Confirm partnerships

Increase and formalize strategic partnerships and alliances in twelve months

5. Community impact

5 Community impact

Identify anti-displacement measures and strategies to mitigate gentrification and other negative community impacts in twelve months